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about us

City of Promise offers a continuum of solutions to significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes for children in the 10th and Page, Westhaven, and Star Hill neighborhoods of Charlottesville, Virginia.

We help each child reach their promise through personalized game plans, academic enrichment, tutoring, personal coaching, and college-prep advising.  Additionally, our staff collaborates with local agencies, nonprofits, public schools and neighborhood residents to deliver programs of support for families.

This holistic, community-based model offers the best possible pathway of cradle-to-college-to-career success for the children we serve.


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What is City of Promise?  City of Promise is an initiative to permanently change the game for children and youth ages 0-22. It is a team of parents, youth, neighbors, schools, service providers, and local government.

What do we believe? We believe that every child CAN go to college. The City of Promise game plan is to build a cradle-to-college-and-career pathway for children.

 What is the pathway? This pathway includes resources, life-changing opportunities, and personalized academic support.

What is the promise? The “promise” is a commitment to creating a resource-rich environment that leads children to success.